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CBS Top News Stories
Pollution levels considered safe can shorten lifespans, study shows
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:42:00 -0400
Cutting air pollution nationwide by just a fraction could save 12,000 lives a year, research reveals
Press barred from Trump fundraiser
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:47:52 -0400
White House made late decision to open the event to reporters, only to rescind access an hour before the fundraiser
DHS announces enhanced security measures for commercial flights into U.S.
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:41:05 -0400
Changes will apply to both domestic and foreign airlines and more than 280 airports in 105 countries
U.S. troops "just getting started good" in Raqqa
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:42:46 -0400
Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, head of U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS, acknowledged to CBS News that American troops won't be leaving Syria anytime soon
Senate GOP leaders aim for revised health bill by Friday
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:49:15 -0400
Cardinal becomes highest-ranked Vatican official yet hit with sex charges
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:52:06 -0400
Video of cop's encounter with man over jaywalking goes viral
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:32:08 -0400
2017 ESPN Body Issue
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:25:51 -0400
Athletes bared all for ESPN's annual Body Issue -- both in terms of stripping down for photos and also opening up about why they're proud of their bodies
Trump calls on Congress to crack down on illegal immigration
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:41:07 -0400
Senate Intel panel has "commitment" that it will get Comey memos, lawmaker says
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:01:31 -0400
Apparent gas leak explosion rips apart dorm, official says
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:52:46 -0400
Mom faces charges after OD forces doctors to deliver baby early: police
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:10:39 -0400
Multiple tornadoes touch down throughout Iowa
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:01:08 -0400
50 states, 50 amusement parks
Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:25:05 -0400
See some of the best coasters, slides and rides across the U.S.
William, Harry and Kate to attend service at Princess Diana's grave
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:07:59 -0400
Authorities crack down on woman breeding exotic birds in backyard
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:06:31 -0400
Qatar denies being hacked by Russia, accuses Gulf countries of cyberattack
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 20:53:43 -0400
Fla. high court scrutinizes prosecutor over death penalty
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:20:15 -0400
Craziest storm-chaser photos of tornado season
Mon, 12 Jun 2017 22:57:26 -0400
Storm-chasing weather scientists get up close and personal with twisters
Trump tweet highlights complex relationship with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:40:59 -0400
CBS Top News Stories
Yahoo Top News Stories
President Trump hasn’t faced the White House press corps since February: Why it matters
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:35:58 -0400
President Trump hasn’t faced the White House press corps since February: Why it mattersIn his five months in office, Trump has held far fewer solo news conferences than any of his predecessors dating back to President Reagan.
Congressman: Healthcare Might Not Be in Trump's 'wheelhouse'
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 05:38:09 -0400
Congressman: Healthcare Might Not Be in Trump's 'wheelhouse'Representative Charlie Dent, R-PA, speaks about Republicans attempts to pass Healthcare legislation and he believes that the work should be from the center out.
Hillary Clinton: Reading ‘Harry Potter’ builds compassion for immigrants, refugees
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 13:12:36 -0400
Hillary Clinton: Reading ‘Harry Potter’ builds compassion for immigrants, refugeesFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cited a study that found reading “Harry Potter” helped to build compassion for marginalized groups in children.
The Latest: FBI agent charged with lying pleads not guilty
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:57:28 -0400
The Latest: FBI agent charged with lying pleads not guiltyPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Latest on an FBI agent charged with lying about shooting at a key figure in the armed standoff at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon (all times local):
Community buy Texas man car after finding him walking 3 miles to and from work in 32 degree heat
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:22:00 -0400
Community buy Texas man car after finding him walking 3 miles to and from work in 32 degree heatA man who was forced to walk miles to work in sweltering heat, has been bought a car by members of his local community. Justin Korva regularly braved temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) to get to his job at Taco Casa in Rockwell, Texas. The 20-year-old was picked up on his three-mile trek one morning by Andy Mitchell, who posted a picture of pair on Facebook next to a message explaining his journey.
New security measures (and massive lines) announced for all flights to the US
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:26:23 -0400
New security measures (and massive lines) announced for all flights to the US180 airlines flying over 300,000 people a day into the US will have to comply with new "enhanced security measures" for electronic devices, the Department for Homeland Security announced on Wednesday.

The new security measures, which have not been described in detail, will need to be implemented at speed by the airlines. Passengers flying on any airline that does not implement the new security measures will not be able to bring anything bigger than a cellphone under the new regulations.

The new measures seem to be the ultimate evolution of a laptop ban that the US announced back in March, which affected passengers on most airlines flying from the Middle East. The new security measures will affect carry-on and checked luggage, the DHS confirmed, but should now allow those airlines affected by the laptop ban to allow passengers to carry laptops on once again, provided the new security measures are implemented.

Those security measures have not been specified, but the DHS says that it will be a mixture of visible and behind-the-scenes changes. Among the changes is likely to be deeper scrutiny of individual passengers, as well as more detailed searches of electronic devices.

The DHS said that passengers "may want to prepare for a bit more extensive screening process," although an official added that "intensive doesn't always mean slower."

Logical additional screening methods could include routine swabs of electronic devices to look for explosive residue -- something that's already done on a case-by-case basis -- as well as requiring passengers in some cases to power up laptops and demonstrate that they're working.

According to reporting from multiple news outlets, Israeli intelligence idenitified an ISIS plot to use a laptop bomb to attack an airliner several months ago. That intelligence was behind the laptop ban in March. The source of that intelligence is also reported to have been leaked to Russia by President Trump during a White House meeting.

China's verdant 'forest city' will fight pollution with a million plants
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 16:17:26 -0400
China's verdant 'forest city' will fight pollution with a million plantsIf tree-covered skyscrapers act like enormous air filters, this cluster of buildings will be a clean air oasis. China has broken ground on a "forest city" in the southern city of Liuzhou. The development, which will span two-thirds of a mile along the Liujiang River, involves blanketing offices, apartments, hotels, and schools with more than a million plants and about 40,000 trees. SEE ALSO: How drones are helping to plant trees The verdant towers will help soak up urban air pollution, produce clean oxygen, and boost local biodiversity. The greenery also provides shade on sunny days and acts as an insulating blanket during winter, allowing tenants to use less heating and electricity. Liuzhou Forest City will span 175 hectares, or 0.67 miles, along the Liujiang River.Image: stefano boeri architettiIf the concept sounds familiar, that's because these buildings are the work of Stefano Boeri Architetti, the same architecture firm behind the two "vertical forest" buildings planned for Nanjing in eastern China.  Liuzhou city officials commissioned the Italian company to build the development, which will host about 30,000 people and be connected to the main Liuzhou city — population 3.8 million — via a fast-rail line used by electric cars. The forest city, now under construction, is expected to be completed by 2020, the Milan-based architects confirmed by email. 'Vertical forest' buildings in the Liuzhou development.Image: stefano boeri architettiThe development is a flashy but tiny effort to combat the dangerous smog and toxic air pollution that's choking China's industrialized cities. It comes as China is building more wind and solar power than any country in the world to slash emissions from coal plants, factories, and vehicles, and to combat climate change. Stefano Boeri's firm, which recently completed two verdant towers in Milan, is planning to expand into other smoggy cities, including China's Shijiazhuang, Guizhou, Shanghai, and Chongqing. In the Liuzhou Forest City, buildings, parks, and gardens will absorb almost 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of fine dust pollutants per year, while producing about 900 tons of oxygen, the architects said in a press release.  By comparison, the two green towers in Nanjing will absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide and produce 0.06 tons of oxygen.  An electric railway will link the 'forest city' to the main Liuzhou city.Image: stefano boeri architettiBeyond sucking up toxic air, the urban greenery is also expected to stifle noise pollution and support biodiversity by providing a habitat for the local birds, insects, and small animals that inhabit Liuzhou. The project will include residential areas, commercial and recreational spaces, plus two schools and a hospital. Along with plants, the buildings will also feature rooftop solar panels to produce clean electricity and use geothermal energy systems for interior air-conditioning. Stefano Boeri Architetti said the Liuzhou Forest City represents its broader effort to design a "new generation" of architecture and urban environments to address climate change. WATCH: China's big, beautiful, green 'vertical forests' will suck up toxic smog
Man with Super Smiley Mugshot Allegedly Threatened to Kill Lawmaker on Facebook: Cops
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 11:58:00 -0400
Man with Super Smiley Mugshot Allegedly Threatened to Kill Lawmaker on Facebook: CopsCops say Steve St. Felix threatened Republican State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz.
British police officer tells how he took on London Bridge attackers
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:22:01 -0400
British police officer tells how he took on London Bridge attackersA police officer who tried to stop three militants as they attacked people on London Bridge earlier this month described on Wednesday how he took on the men armed with just his baton despite being repeatedly stabbed and temporarily blinded. The three attackers rammed a hired van into pedestrians on the bridge late on June 3 before going on the rampage through the bustling Borough Market area, where they slit throats and stabbed people, killing eight. Police Constable Wayne Marques said he had heard screams coming from London Bridge and when he went to investigate saw people being attacked.
Reporter unloads on deputy press secretary at White House briefing: ‘What you just did is inflammatory!’
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 16:53:20 -0400
Reporter unloads on deputy press secretary at White House briefing: ‘What you just did is inflammatory!’President Trump’s ongoing battle with the media boiled over during the White House press briefing on Tuesday when a reporter tore into Sarah Huckabee Sanders for complaining about the “constant barrage of fake news.”
Yahoo Top News Stories
MSNBC Top News Stories
As Trump Travel Ban Takes Effect, Questions Still Up in Air
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:20:00 GMT
The Trump administration's travel ban blocking foreigners from six Muslim-majority countries and refugees fleeing persecution will take effect Thursday, following the Supreme Court's decision earlier this week to temporarily uphold portions of the ban.
What's Next: Is the GOP Health Care Bill Dead?
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 20:48:00 GMT
Senate Republicans are regrouping on health care legislation. Here's what you need to know about what comes next.
Fact Check: No Evidence Undocumented Commit More Crimes
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:51:26 GMT
The Trump administration on Wednesday was all about crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. There's one catch: There's no evidence that undocumented immigrants commit more crime.
Movie Academy Invites Its Largest Class in Diversity Push
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:21:00 GMT
The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences continued its push to diversify by adding 774 new names to its ranks — it's largest class of new members ever.
Are These Drones the Fix for Our Depleted Forests?
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:27:11 GMT
A system of drones has been developed to help quell the loss of Earth's trees. The system can help plant almost 100,000 trees per day.
EPA Accused of Interfering In Science Adviser's Testimony
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:55:30 GMT
Internal emails show that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's chief of staff tried to alter testimony by the head of the agency's Board of Scientific Counselors.
Top Vatican Cardinal Charged With Sex Offenses
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:17:26 GMT
Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis' chief financial adviser and Australia's most senior Catholic, is the highest-ranking Vatican official to ever be charged in the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal
Gas Explosion Guts a Kentucky University Dorm Building
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:37:00 GMT
A gas leak at a Kentucky university dormitory caused a massive explosion Wednesday afternoon that gutted the building and injured at least one person.
Bill Would Bar Pentagon From Business With Moscow-Based Kaspersky Lab
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:52:00 GMT
U.S. intelligence officials have recently expressed concerns that Russia-based cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab is a security risk, but have not said why.
FBI Agent Charged With Lying About Oregon Refuge Shooting
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:28:01 GMT
The agent is accused of firing shots during the showdown in which anti-government rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum was killed but denying it to investigators.
U.S. to Hold Off on Further Airline Laptop Bans
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:42:00 GMT
DHS has put off plans to impose further bans on laptop computers and other electronic devices in airline carry-on baggage for flights to the U.S. from Europe.
Teen YouTuber Shoots and Kills Boyfriend in Video Stunt: Cops
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:00:00 GMT
An aspiring YouTube star's boyfriend was killed after she shot him in the chest in a video stunt gone wrong, according to a criminal complaint.
11-Year-Old Boy's Invention Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:31:00 GMT
Young Bishop Curry, after seeing a local news report about a baby who died in a hot car, resolved to make sure that never happened again.
'Unprecedented Step': Powerball and Mega Millions Sales Suspended in Illinois
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:32:00 GMT
Illinois is suspending the sales of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets amid a budget impasse.
Mental Health Problems Rising Among College Students
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:04:00 GMT
College counselors are seeing a record number of students dealing with a variety of mental health problems, from depression and anxiety to more serious psychiatric disorders.
U.S. Jews Angry After Western Wall Prayer Plan Scrapped
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:54:00 GMT
Israel's government faced growing criticism after a decision to halt a project that would have allowed men and women to pray together at the Western Wall.
The Psychology Behind Unintentional Hot Car Deaths
Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:18:00 GMT
It seems like an unthinkable act — a parent forgetting a child in a hot car. But parents and experts alike warn it's more common than most people imagine.
The Rehab Capital of America Is Plagued by Overdoses, Fraud
Mon, 26 Jun 2017 03:46:00 GMT
As three mothers learned too late, South Florida's billion-dollar drug treatment industry is a minefield of fatal overdoses, fraud and unscrupulous operators.
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